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  • A Stop Payment order submitted online will remain in effect for six months unless STAR CCU has already paid or previously accepted it. The Stop Payment Order may be renewed for an additional 6 month period at the request of the account holder but must be done prior to the expiration of this Stop Payment Order.
  • Exact information is vital to insure the order is properly executed. By submitting this electronic stop payment form, you agree if this order contains incorrect or incomplete information, STAR CCU will not be responsible should they fail to stop the payment as requested. A verification email will be instantly sent upon submission of this stop payment request. If it is NOT correct, you must notify STAR CCU immediately.
  • I understand that this Stop Payment Request must be received in time to give STAR reasonable time to act on it. Please allow 1 BUSINESS DAY for stop payment processing. I understand STAR CCU will not be liable for the payment of a draft or preauthorized transfer contrary to this request unless payment is caused by the Credit Union's negligence and results in an actual loss to the account holder. I as the Account holder agree to hold the Credit Union harmless from any claim, loss, damage, or expense that I may suffer or incur, including attorney's fees, which results from STAR's refusing payment of any item on which I stopped payment, as well as for payment of any item after the Stop Payment Order has expired.

* You must agree to the disclosure.I have verified that the information listed above is accurate and I accept the rules pertaining to this agreement. I understand that a $20.00 fee, as disclosed in the Schedule of Fees and Service Charges, will be assessed to my STAR account for processing this Stop Payment Request.

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